Gang Shit Records may seem like one of those run of the mill labels founded by some gangster wannabees, but the label may have had a humble beginning but its growing fast thanks to the internet, in fact, it has had sold a lot more rap records in UK than many big record labels including Warner and Universal(from just UK rappers).

The label is still young at only 5 months as of writing this but it has big plans with expansions overseas but is growing fast with a surprising number of hits in the UK charts, and I also have to praise their ability to find the latest rap talent in the UK.

What I find interesting is that this label focuses just on rap, which is not some new in the UK with many small labels usually founded by rappers part of them or other small independent labels but this label has had a lot of success.

It has a big roster but we need to make it clear that not all of the roster is signed to the label but some are under a management contract, tour management and so on.

If I was to tell Gang Shit Records what to work on and improve on I would tell them to work a bit more on their brand maybe with more references in their songs, but that is up to them its nothing major.

I believe that rap is still not taken seriously with rappers mostly still part of some pop labels that don’t have much idea of rap and this need to change if rap is to become more accepted.