In September, Jidenna voiced his support for NFL and NBA players following President Donald Trump’s comments about the national anthem protests. After the president called the players “sons of bitches,” Jidenna fired back on Instagram.

“You know you done fucked up right,” he said in a video. “You don’t pick the blackest-ass fucking sports. You don’t pick NFL and NBA. You should’ve picked hockey or golf. You can’t start a war with people. The athletes of today are wiser than ever, they’re stronger than ever, they make more money than ever and you gonna go after us?”

The rapper also offered praise for Colin Kaepernick and soldiers, saying, “I’m so proud of the soldiers, the comrades. I’m proud of what Colin Kaepernick has done in being a trailblazer. I’m proud of what I’m hearing athletes, players, coaches doing right now. It’s remarkable.”