What do we have here? Last night (Nov. 11), a snippet of what appears to be an unreleased Drake record surfaced online.

The clip was posted to Twitter account Drake Direct Media. In it, what appears to be a teen wearing a keffiyeh rocks out to the song in a car while his homie whips the ride. “Don’t pull up at 6 am to cuddle with me/You know how I like it when you loving on me/I don’t wanna die for them to…,” Aubrey rap-croons on the bouncy track.

The leak comes on the heels of Drizzy letting fans know he has new music on the way. While performing in Australia for his Boy Meets World Tour, Drake revealed the news saying, “I landed at the airport here, there was this kid working there and the first thing he said to me was, ‘Hey, man, great to have you. When you dropping some new shit, man?'”  The rapper continued, “That’s love to me. I really do appreciate that. Just know I’m always working for you. I’m never sitting around wasting my time. So, I got shit coming for you, don’t worry.”