Boxing is definitely having a ‘moment’. Of course there’s the allure of channelling Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby and having a legitimate excuse for rocking a boxer braid, but it’s also a darn good way of getting fit (mentally and physically), too, as it turns out.

“Boxing has gained huge popularity in the last couple years. As society moves away from focusing purely on ‘how to get skinny’ women are able to explore different forms of exercise that maybe didn’t seem so accessible to us beforehand,” says Miranda Hart, trainer at boutique boxing studio KOBOX. “Nowadays it’s not just about how we look but how we feel. There’s no doubt boxing is fantastic for your body but on top of all the physical benefits you find a sense of confidence that wasn’t there before and most people walk away from their workout feeling like a badass ready to take on anything.” In an ever-pressurised world, there’s also a certain appeal in smashing stress where the sun don’t shine…

“Londoners tend to live a super high-stress life so having a workout where you can literally take it out on the bag is a perfect way to de-stress especially if yoga is not your thing,” says Joan Murphy, fitness instructor and Co-Founder of FRAME. “I think the rise in popularity may also be down to Anthony Joshua (swoon) and other high profile boxers taking it more mainstream. Either way it’s definitely one of the more popular classes for us at the moment!”

And in terms of knocking your booty into shape? “Boxing is great for total body strength and power as it uses the body from head to foot without bulking you up. It also torches calories, burns fat and truly integrates the mind as it requires strong mind-muscle connection to achieve coordination, precision and timing,” says Virgin Active Head of Product & Innovation, Andy Birch.

“Additionally, many gym moves are what we term sagittal plane dominant (or forward and backward in a single plane based) e.g. squats, lunges, chest presses etc, whereas with boxing the main force should come from rotation (from the foot and hip especially) and strengthening the body through rotational training is also brilliant for preventing any injuries in the outside world which are often caused from twisting movements, for example: gardening, picking up shopping or kids! Focusing on strengthening the body’s ability to twist also builds and strengthens the core which is invaluable for achieving that unobtainable six pack,” adds Andy.

Kapow your way to the best classes out there…

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