If, like me, you love a bit of exercise and the resulting endorphins but can’t quite hack hardcore cardio and Kobox every day, then yoga is the ultimate balance of exercise and mindfulness. Luckily for us city dwellers, London has some of the best yoga classes on offer.

These days, we often complain that fitting exercise into a busy London life and daily regime is becoming even more difficult. For this exact reason, I find it even more important to fit yoga into my schedule – mindfulness, ab work and core exercises all while working up a sweat and burning off last night’s carbs? What more can you ask for?

I am marginally addicted to pretending to be an expert yogi – no, really, I recently conducted my own yoga classes on a group holiday – so, naturally, fully obsessed with trying out all of the options under the sun.

Whether you want a slick city studio or a calming class closer to your home, these are the best options for yoga in our glorious capital city.

Don’t know anything about yoga? Never fear, we have a perfect beginner’s guide for you.

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