Cardi B and her husband Offset have been accused of dodging the man they are alleged to have assaulted.

Full story below…

Cardi and Offset are said to have asked their friends to assault the African-American man in New York City back in July and now find themselves at risk of facing a hefty lawsuit!

Today, the man- whose name is Giovanni Arnold– says he is having a hard time tracking the couple down as he seeks unspecified damages for the brutal injuries he is still healing from.

A portion of the lawsuit reads….

I waited seven months pregnant at the time of the assault and, out of respect and consideration for her and her baby’s wellbeing, as well as that of her finance, Offset, I chose not to immediately serve them.Cardi B and Offset, who reside at the same address, go to great lengths to keep their whereabouts a secret. In December 2017, a judge in one of Offset’s child support cases granted his request to keep his e-mail, personal address, and other information confidential.

His efforts to serve the couple last month were met with hostility from Offset who can be seen rejecting the legal documents here.

Similar attempts at locating and serving Cardi B on the street or hotels have been undertaken but difficult because of security and her erratic schedule (for example, the media reports Ms. Almanzar often comes back to her hotel rooms into the late hours of the night), we have been unable to personally deliver the papers to her.

The distressed Arnold has urged a judge to help him proceed with the case so that he can seek the justice he believes he deserves.

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