DC Comics is shriveling up in the face of controversy after a panel in a newly released Batman comic showed everyone what Bruce Wayne’s really hiding under that utility belt.

Batman: Damned, written by Brian Azzarello, drawn by Lee Bermejo and released earlier this week, turned plenty of heads when one panel offered up a tasteful outline of Bruce Wayne’s, ahem, nude form in the Batcave. Granted, the Cave’s pretty dark (and by the looks of things, a little chilly), but Bat-fans finally got to answer the question they’ve been asking since the character’s inception: What does Batman’s penis look like?

The answer: well, it looks like this (click through, but it’s probably NSFW).

While the comic is a part of DC’s brand new Black Label, creating dark, gritty comics for a presumably adult audience, the attention drawn to Batman’s Night-wang has proven a little too much for DC to handle. The offending member is already censored on digital versions of the comic, and The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that all future re-printings of the issue will feature that censored image. Sources say the decision was based on the image not adding to the story. More’s the pity.

Someday, we will all tell our children and our grandchildren of this day — the moment we finally saw Batman’s dick, and how it was so cruelly and swiftly snatched away from us.

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