Is it really a lie if it’s for the puppies? 

That’s what you’ll find yourself asking after watching this segment from Stephen Colbertand Emma Stone on The Late Show from Monday night. The late-night host and Oscar winner teamed up to showcase some puppies who were rescued during Hurricane Florence and are available for adoption. 

“Everyone loves puppies, so the only way to make them even more adoptable is to have a celebrity lie on the puppies’ behalf,” Colbert quipped. Cue “Rescue Dog Rescue,” a segment Colbert returns to with a fellow celebrity to make the pups seem even more appealing—if that’s even possible. 

“Stephen, I’m an actor,” Stone said. “Lying is what I do best.”

And lie they did. First up, Dwayne, a shepherd mix. “The Rock was named after him,” Colbert claimed. “Dwayne ‘The Dog’ Johnson.”

There was also Olive, who is apparently a private security consultant who’s been working with the Robert Mueller investigation. As for Terrier Mix, Ruby, “She is named that because of what she poops,” Stone informed the audience. 

Meanwhile, Riggs is busy. According to the actress, he “sees too many colors because he brews his own ayahuasca.”

Lucky for the audience, there were two Oscar nominees on set, including Spotlight director, Owen. 

“Don’t believe me? Then search your brain,” Colbert urged the audience. “Who’s the director of Spotlight? It won Best Picture, so what’s their name? That’s right—it’s Owen.”

While we have a hard time believing them, we want to adopt those dogs ASAP either way. 

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