After a popping up in Soho earlier in the year, the Espresso Martini Society, with its massive martini menu, is coming back to town for a winter edition. They’re moving to Shoreditch this time, and as well as some cocktails from the previous menu, the selection of 20 different espresso martinis will feature some new festive creations. There’s the salted caramel Golden Gift, the white Russian-inspired Beast From the East and the minty After Eight, and you can get any of them made decaf if you want – but if that’s your vibe, you might be at the wrong bar. Tickets are tenner and include a welcome cocktail, so get booking those xmas drinks.

Fancy a cocktail right now? These are the bars to go to.

Thurs 8th November – Sat 15th December 2018
42 Hanbury St, London, E1 5JL

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