Six tracks of foreboding noise, ominous sound design and deconstructed club sounds.

Berlin-based producer Ausschuss has announced his debut EP Room1, which arrives via experimental Milan label Haunter Records.

The six-track EP moves from burnt-out drone and harsh noise to skeletal harmonies and simple percussive patterns, with the producer’s use of reverb lending a potent sense of scale and solidity to his sound.

The release is the producer’s debut EP and first appearance on Haunter Records, and follows the inclusion of his track ‘Ravoir’ on Anti-Ghost Moon Ray’s compilation Annual General Meeting Record (Vol. 1), as well ‘Coiled’ on the 2016 Co-Op compilation.

Room1 will be available via Haunter Records on November 2. Check out the cover art and tracklist below.


01. ‘Drown Later’
02. ‘Yellow Sick Glow’
03. ‘Room1’
04. ‘Blinding Partner’
05. ‘Headfirst’
06. ‘It’s Just The Sea Being Green’

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