More than a year ago, Freddie Gibbs and Curren$y announced Fetti, a collaborative EP that was thought forgotten as the pair forged ahead on other projects. Gibbs dropped his Freddie mixtape this past June, while Curren$y shared an EP of his own, The Marina. Now, as Exclaim reports, the pair have confirmed that the project is not only finished, but will arrive this Halloween.

Curren$y announced the project’s completion and release date via an Instagram video that finds him FaceTiming with Gibbs and hilariously razzing him for “singing” on the album. He also revealed that profile producer The Alchemist helmed his half of the EP.

On Twitter, Gibbs shared a snippet of the project that features the pair delivering verses over a loop. Check it out below.

While you’re waiting for it to drop, check out Gibbs’ weird-ass video for Freddie track “Automatic”.

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