October 31st is on the horizon and, uh, we still don’t have a costume. Here’s some celebrity Halloween costume ideas to get you started…

Now, you could just poke two holes in a bed sheet this year and call it a day. Or you could really step up your Halloween game this year and look to our favourite A-listers for some next level Halloween costume ideas.

Whether you’ve got a party to go to or you’re shepherding little ones from door to door, there’s no reason not to get all dolled up for the season – even if it’s just for a night. Most of us will normally just grab a Primark onesie or slap some fake blood on a standard fancy dress costume, but some celebrities go above and beyond and I for one think we should all live our life as fully as Heidi Klum does.

Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes Ever

When Cindy Crawford stepped out as Marilyn Monroe on The Tonight Show in 1996, she raised the bar for celebrity Halloween costumes forever. Rihanna went hard as the very unexpected Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, while Iggy Azalea stole the show as Cruella De Vil (complete with a pooch). It goes without saying that Heidi Klum is the master of disguise, committing hours to Old Heidi Klum, Jessica Rabbit and wrangling up an entire posse of ladies to transform into Heidi clones.

Funny Celebrity Halloween Costumes

There’s a few celebrities who have gone above and beyond to tickle our funny bones, with creative Halloween costumes that are a spin on the regular sexy-anything. Adele, donning facial prosthetics as The Mask, and Fergie as a child pageant star tread the line between nightmarish and comedic. Colton Haynes is iconic as Miss Piggy, while Katy Perry went all out as a fiery red hot cheetoh.

We’ve put together a whole list of A-list Halloween looks below, but if you need a dash more inspiration then check out our favourite Halloween make up ideas and Halloween make up tutorials.

Pinterest Halloween

If you find yourself still stuck for inspiration, then how about turning to the biggest ideas generators in the world? Pinterest sees a surge of desperate trick or treaters every October and this year, they’ve put together their biggest predictions of what the most popular Halloween costumes are going to be. Teaming up with fashion search platform Lyst, they’ve analysed the most popular searches and saves recently and predicted what the most popular fancy dress costumes are going to be below.

Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2018 (according to Pinterest and Lyst)

  1. Tonya Harding, specifically from I, Tonya
  2. Anything Riverdale
  3. A 90s icon
  4. Wakanda warrior from Black Panther
  5. A flamingo
  6. Edna Mode from The Incredibles
  7. ABBA dancing queen
  8. A cosmic fairy
  9. Frida Kahlo
  10. A cow

If that’s not enough for you, how about a video showing us 100 years of Halloween style? From the downright scary to the more commonly seen ‘I know I’m meant to look scary but this is a great excuse to dress up as a cat’ costume, ten hugely different outfits are dutifully pulled off by a team of make-up artists, stylist and hairdressers – and one very patient model.

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