Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish have something to say about Katt Williams‘ harsh criticism of the latter’s life, work and credibility as a comedian.

The pair are currently promoting their new movie ‘Night School’ and hit ‘The Breakfast Club‘ to discuss the movie and address Williams’ less-than-stellar estimation of Tiffany’s art.

There’s more. They also discussed equal pay, how much Haddish received compared to Kevin’s, why Kevin isn’t afraid of being outperformed by up & coming comedians and why he feels some members of the black community behave like crabs in a barrel.

It makes for an intense, yet enjoyable, watch.

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Tiffany suspects Katt was only repeating criticisms he had heard about her from another party and revealed that she isn’t hurt by what he had to say about her as he apologised.

Kevin on the other hand isn’t buying his apology and feels Katt was wrong to tear Tiffany down publicly.

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