If you’re wondering what Lindsay Lohan is up to these days, uh — yeah. Last night, after leaving a nightclub in Russia, the former Mean Girls star came across a homeless family sleeping on the street. She offered to buy them a hotel room, to which they declined. She then asked the mother if she could take her children to her own hotel room for the night, to which the mother again declined.

Lohan didn’t take kindly to the repeated snubs and she soon became belligerent; she began speaking in an Arabic accent, accused the mother of human trafficking, and mocked the family by saying, “Don’t fuck with Pakistan!” Lohan also repeatedly encouraged the children to run off with her.

Eventually, the family got up and walked away. When Lohan attempted to grab one of the children by the hand, the mother turned around and punched her in the face, knocking Lohan to the ground.

And of course, because it’s 2018, Lohan streamed the entire thing on Instagram.

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