Matt Barnes has won a restraining order against his ex-wife Gloria Govan after claiming she tried to use her sport utility vehicle as a “deadly weapon” in a school parking lot.

According to the order, signed by a L.A. County Superior Court judge, the 32-year-old “Basketball Wives” star must stay 100 yards away from the retired NBA player and their twin nine-year-old sons except during her single, four-hour supervised visit each week.

Barnes sought the domestic violence restraining order after a confrontation at their son’s school last week, which led to Govan’s arrest.

Govan, who is currently engaged to former NBA player and New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher, allegedly tried to pick the boys up from school on Friday afternoon (August 31) even though Barnes was scheduled to have the kids for the weekend.

In an affidavit signed by Barnes, he claims as he was attempting to guide one of the boys out of Govan’s SUV, she “aggressively jerked the car in reverse,” causing the boy to fall back onto his seat. He then says she continued to reverse after the child got out of the car, causing the door to slam against his shoulder.

Subsequently, he walked both boys back to his vehicle and that’s when Govan drove at him at “at an excessively high rate of speed through the school parking lot” in an attempt to block him from exiting.

“I could not do anything except sit in the car, trying to calm the boys who were terrified, screaming hysterically and crying,” Barnes wrote.

Even though it was Govan who called police she would be the one arrested on suspicion of a felony child endangerment. Govan was reportedly released shortly before midnight on Friday via a $100,000 bail, according to online jail records.

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