For months, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have been drumming up buzz for their musical movie ‘A Star Is Born.’

And now, just one week before the flick hits theaters, one of the film’s focus songs has been unleashed.

‘Shallow,’ which was produced by Gaga alongside Mark Ronson, Andrew Wyatt, and Anthony Rossomando, is an anthemic power-ballad performed by her character Ally and Cooper’s Jack.

With excitement about the movie and its music reaching fever pitch, the timing is oh so apt for the masses to dive into the ‘Shallow.’

So what are you waiting for? Check it out below…

Potent, powerful, and impassioned, ‘Shallow’ is a soaring number that both rouses and resonates.

That said, That Grape Juice saw the film this week and can say with a definite degree of certainty that there’s even better to come. Specifically the track ‘I’ll Never Love Again’ (remember where you heard it). 

In any case, the release of ‘Shallow’ now seems to be a tactical one.

See, on the surface, it’s a smart means of giving the masses a teaser-taste of the movie’s music leading into release week. It also helps plug pre-orders for the soundtrack, which – like the film – arrives on October 5th.

However, more than anything, there’s the Grammy component.

By releasing the song (in a standalone capacity) now – just before the end of September cut-off, ‘Shallow’ thus becomes eligible for nomination at the 2019 Grammys next February.

Aptly, this is during the same window of the 2019 Oscars (for which ‘A Star Is Born’ is already a hotly tipped favorite).

Put simply, if all goes to plan, it builds to a crescendo of success for the film and its music heading into the 2019 Award season. All the while leaving the rest of the soundtrack and select songs (such as ‘I’ll Never Love Again’) eligible for awards in 2020 too. It’s kind of genius.

But enough of the rambling, what are…

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