The legendary musician Nile Rodgers is baring all on his time with feuding Pop icons Madonna and Lady Gaga.

Which of the two he finds is more respectful?

Find out below…

Nile broke it down in an interview with ‘The Daily Telegraph’

Gaga’s a different kind of animal. Before recording she said, ‘Nile, I want to know what’s in your mind.’

She was incredibly respectful … That right there is a huge difference in personality.

As for his time with  Madonna?

She knew what she wanted.

I love that about her because if you’re that much of a believer I’d rather go with you … until it sucks. If it sucks, I go, ‘Er, you really don’t want to do it like that’. I’d worked with so many international superstars, but I’d never come across such an iron will before.

Nile produced a number of major Madonna releases (‘Like a Virgin’ being one of them) and shared his thoughts as he celebrates the release of Chic’s new album ‘It’s About Time.’

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