A few years ago, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine told an interviewer: “we very actively want to play the Super Bowl.”

Well, it appears the Pop pack may very well have scored their wish. Because it’s being reported that the hitmakers will be playing the Super Bowl 2019 Halftime Show.

Details below…

According to US Weekly – who previously broke the same news about the likes of Lady Gaga – the band have officially been tapped to play the Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, Georgia, on February 3rd 2019.

Citing a source, the report relays that “the offer has been extended and they’ve pretty much accepted.”

Lending credence to the news is the fact that Levine – in the same interview mentioned above – confirmed that his clan had been on a “short list” of groups to play the big show for some time.

Now, it seems organizers have gone back to said tally and made  their pick.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that the seven-member ensemble are currently in the midst of a tour to plug their latest album ‘Red Pill Blues’ – and interestingly have a scheduled break from shows in between a Las Vegas New Year’s gig and the February 19th start of the Australian leg of their trek. Thus leaving more than sufficient time to prep for the Big Game on Feb 3rd.

If indeed enlisted to perform, Levine and co succeed this year’s headliner Justin Timberlake. 


Cutting straight to the chase, this gets a… “hell no” vote from us.

We appreciate Maroon 5 in all their incarnations – from their early indie-kissed cuts to their candy-coated Pop appeal of today. But Super Bowl headliners? Again, no. 

In keeping it 100, we’ve long felt that the enormity of the platform and demands of showmanship make this a game for the sequin-shiny, high-flying, over the top, choreographed acts of today.

And while we understand the demographic metrics likely used to make said decision, entertainment value really ought to take preeminence. Especially after how badly Justin Timberlake’s offering played out this year.

The only, and we mean only, way of salvaging such a booking would be to take the Coldplay approach of 2016. Hence, in the way it was a necessity to pad their performance with appearances from Beyonce and Bruno Mars, this needs to be a shared gig with acts of a more renown level of “performance.”

In the here and now, yours truly is simply stuck on can anyone make this make sense?

Were J.Lo, Pink, hell, even Rihanna busy?! And what about the ratings magnet that would be a Janet comeback?


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