Well tickle my fancy and call me Nancy!

In news that will stun all, Wanda Smith‘s husband is said to have pulled a gun out on Katt Williams!

A shocking story below…

Wanda became the butt of many a joke over the weekend when footage of her sparring with Williams on her radio show hit the net and saw him “win” their war of words.

This is said to have infuriated Wanda’s man who accosted Williams outside a comedy club on Saturday and, allegedly, threatened him with a gun!

LaMorris Sellers admits that he chased Katt into a supermarket to teach him a lesson for mocking his wife but says that he did not threaten Williams with a weapon…arguing that the gun simply slipped out of his possession during their run-in.

The police report said Williams told the cop that Sellers pointed a gun to his face. “Katt and his security guard fled [to] the Food Depot next door where the officer had his initial contact with them.”

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