Gotta love Steve Harvey. It’s been months since Pusha-T first dropped his summer blockbuster DAYTONA, but the Family Feud host is only now feeling the bad vibes from his epic salvo, “The Story of Adidon”.

Granted, it’s mostly a diss track to Toronto Raptors mascot Drake, but there is a line that throws shade at Harvey, specifically when Pusha raps, “Monkey-suit Dennis, you parade him/ A Steve Harvey-suit nigga made him.”

Technically, Pusha was going after Drake’s pops, Dennis Graham, but that didn’t stop one of Harvey’s pals from telling him about the inclusion. Naturally, Harvey responded in the most Steve Harvey way possible: ambivalence.

“Do you think I care what a rapper thinks of me,” Harvey asks his audience during a commercial break. “I don’t give a shit what a singer thinks of me. I don’t really give a fuck what a politician thinks of me.”

He then goes on to cite immortal socioopath Joel Osteen (“People’s opinions of you are none of your business, nor should you make it yours”) and then hilariously segues into a mock freestyle (“You better watch out T/ You don’t know who I be”).

Can’t wait to see what Vic Berger does with this. Watch below.

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