Despite their family, especially Faith’s son, CJ with ex-husband, Biggie Smalls not being fond of the rushed union, Mr. & Mrs. Jordan proceeded with life as normal. However, fans weren’t (are still aren’t) thrilled over the fact that Stevie used to be friends with the Notorious B.I.G. and thought it was breaking bro-code that he is now married to his friend’s former wife. Faith has no problem acknowledging Biggie as her “first true love,” but fans are still fired up.

The couple was boo’d up in a recent flick captioned, “rock solid. N****s talking it, but ain’t living it #TheJordans.” One fan, though, still felt their relationship is off. She commented, “I just wanna know how u used to be sitting with biggie and she was married [to] him… anybody from the street [know] loyalty everything.” Stevie clearly had time with a subtle clapback. “I hear you though. We are 20+ years afterwards and we are married & happy. Take your issue up with GOD.” Faith and Biggie were married from 1994 until his tragic death in 1997, and that doesn’t seem to bother either party in present-day.

Moral of the story? Be blessed, sis, and let these two live in peace.

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