Is Vallejo-based hip hop group SOB X RBE breaking up? Rumors have been flying the last few days after member Yhung T.O. shared a text post on Instagram announcing the band’s disbandment two days ago. The message is gone (along with the rest of his posts), but it read, “Gangin 2 will be my last album with SOB. Me and [DaBoii] got sum shit still in the cut fa y’all tho.”

Whether or not this is the end for the group remains to be seen; in the meantime, they’ve got an album to promote. In the lead up to GANGIN II’s release on September 28th, they’ve released their new single, “Made It”. It follows “Vibes” as the second single off the album.

Produced by X-Slapz, the group’s DJ on tour, “Made It” is a thumping example of the bouncing, youthful exuberance they displayed on their debut GANGIN and their contribution to the Black Panther soundtrack, “Paramedic!”. If this turns out to be SOB X RBE’s swan song, there are worse ways to go out.

GANGIN II is due out September 28th, courtesy of SOB X RBE and Empire. Listen to “Made It” on Spotify and Apple Music below.

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