Adam Venit, the man accused of sexually assaulting the beloved actor Terry Crews, has learned that the private letter he penned to the performer is now public.

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Venit clawed at Terry’s privates without his permission at a Hollywood party and sought to silence the actor once he stepped forward with the harrowing story.

Fortunately, with help from the army of social media-powered fans Terry has his arsenal, he was able to shatter attempts made by Venit’s peers (see Russell Simmons) to force him into submission and- after a battle in the court of public opinion- force Venit out of his powerful role at WME.

How Terry celebrated the good news? By silencing those who called him a liar by sharing a letter in which Adam asks for his forgiveness online.

Again, I take responsibility for us being here now, together in this situation. I am sorry for all of it.

Venit stood head of the WME’s motion picture department and is now, according to many Hollywood insiders, a persona non grata.

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