In today’s episode of “what in the white foolishness,” we bring you a viral video of a white woman who clearly didn’t listen to A Seat at the Table. 

On Thursday, photographer Dustin Chambers was at an eatery when he noticed a white woman playing with a Black woman’s hair.

He immediately pulled out his camera and recorded the incident, which was posted to Twitter.

“I saw her playing with it as I walked in, and decided to film when I realized they didn’t know each other. [The Black woman] says, ‘I’m being very friendly today but please don’t touch my hair.’”

While many of us would probably have instantly thrown a right hook, the unidentified Black woman responded with a calm smile. Even when the white lady appeared to feel bad for getting called out, the Black woman reassured her that it was OK.

However, this would not be the case had this happened to many others. Black women have no responsibility to carefully explain why it’s inappropriate for random white people to touch our hair. 

So take this as a lesson. Don’t be like the white woman in the video. Look all you want, but please don’t touch. 

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