Ok, we’ll say it: We’re jealous of Keyshia Cole’s relationship with Niko Khale.

While the two aren’t married, yet, they’re at least prepared for the whole “through health and sickness” part of a successful union.

Khale recently posted a video on his Instagram of him lying next to Cole, who was sick and snoring. “She lucky she sick,” he captioned in the video.

Things got even more adorable when Keyshia Cole awoke. On The Shaderoom’s reposting of the video she commented, “Omg!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OMG!!!!!!!! Why lord.”

Others in the comment section basically deemed it #RelationshipGoals. “it’s all good Keyshia! He loves you boo!” someone wrote. “We know he did not get to sleep that night lol,” another person commented.

Awwe! Keyshia, he does love you. We’ve all been that hard asleep before.

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