If you like yoga but haven’t quite found the right class for you, then you need to check out Yogahood. Here classes are all about openness diversity and some absolutely bangin’ playlists. Meet the woman behind it all, Sanchia Legister…

Where do you live in London and what do you like about the area?

I live in Russell Square, but I spend a lot of time in East London too. Russell Square is gorgeous, with a weird mix of beautiful, interesting buildings and loads of green space. It’s like being in London’s little pocket. Further east, it’s busy with everything you could ever want on every corner. Good coffee, one-off pop-up shops, weird and wonderful fitness and wellness offerings and every cuisine imaginable. I have made best friends with the guys at Climpsons in Spitalfields Market, so much so that they have an unofficial coffee offering called ‘The Sanchia’. It’s somewhere between a latte and a flat white, with it’s own unique weight of coffee. Haha. It’s been said before but I love Cook Daily, but I’m also loving poké bowls (big up Poké Island and Ahi Poké for feeding me on the regular) and fave snack is the chickpea fritters with harissa from The Ace Hotel.

What inspired you to start Yogahood and Gyal Flex?

I was enjoying getting deeper into my own yoga practice, but I also found myself feeling a bit ‘meh’ after some yoga classes. Like I wasn’t getting everything I needed. The yoga scene in London can feel a bit exclusive and entering a new studio was a bit daunting, there are a lot of unspoken rules and etiquette and often being the only black person in a class, I felt like I stood out, like being at a party and waiting for your mates to turn up. I wanted a vibe, I wanted to feel at home, I wanted my friends to come to yoga and yoga spaces with me, but they felt like it wasn’t for them. I didn’t want to just complain about the situation especially when I knew other people had barriers too, and maybe I could do something about it… I created Yogahood to try and open the doors to the yoga, wellness and self-care/love scene. When I think of Yogahood, I think of sisterhood, brotherhood, neighbourhood… Gyal Flex was my attempt at serving up yoga AND meditation in a way that felt more familiar rather than scary and far from reach.

Music is a big part of your yoga classes, how do you make the perfect playlist?

Ahh the perfect playlist… that’s a tricky one. Sometimes I’m just driving and a tune comes on the radio and it puts me all in my feelings. I can feel that my body would like to hear and feel this on the mat, (so I have to big up Shazam for making the most obscure tune available to me). I like a playlist to start slow, to allow time for the body to be like “ahh ok, I see you, I know what we’re about to do now” and then build up from there. I like r&b, hip-hop, soulful music mostly, it’s when I feel most free. Here’s a classic taste of how it goes down on my mat:

Solange – ‘Cranes In The Sky’
Jill Scott – ‘Slowly Surely’
Children of Zeus – ‘I Want You’
Masego – ‘Tadow’
Drake – ‘Jaded’
Ivy Sole – ‘My Way’

What can people expect from your workshop at Stylist Live?

People can expect a space where they immediately feel welcome and get that sense of “yassss, I’m in the right place!” You’ll be encouraged to take up space on your mat and to unapologetically throw it down and reminded to breathe, lol. For the time we’re together, I want us all to feel like we’re part of something bigger.

Describe your perfect day in London.

My perfect day in London starts with some tunes and a good tea or coffee (I keep spending all my money on awesome tea blends and coffee), a juicy yoga flow and meditation. I can’t lie, I love to take someone else’s class, so I don’t have to think too much especially in the morning when my brain is still sleepy. But there’s something to be said for just rolling out my bed onto the floor and seeing what happens too. This would be followed by brunch, some London exploring and people watching with my beautiful dog, Dilla, maybe buy some crystals or a lipstick (or two), and a theatre date. The South Bank is one of my favourite spots to visit, you’ve got the water, dope buildings, local people and tourists and there’s generally always a vibe with performers and second-hand books that have that smell. I love to make random trips to the National Portrait Gallery and get lost in people’s faces.


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