The NTS resident’s new album will showcase the sounds of the London club scene.

NTS resident and founder of the Sans Absence imprint Akito has announced his debut album, Gone Again. It’s due for release on November 16 via London label Tight Knit Records.

According to a press release “The tracks move from grimey saw waves to floating mesospheres, from broken 2-step rhythms into hard percussion and dancehall.”

The LP follows 2016’s Pleasure Pending EP. Akito has a show every two weeks on NTS – which describes the producer as “chief of the minimal club tracks”. Tune in to his show here.

Gone Again will be released digitally and on vinyl via Tight Knit Records on November 16. You can preorder the vinyl now, and check out the album artwork and tracklist below.


1. ‘Two for a Jacks’
2. ‘Perspex Ceilings’
3. ‘Search Engine Translate’
4. ‘Staring out the 787’
5. ‘Oyasumi’
6. ‘Rollover’
7. ‘Wake me up in Paris’
8. ‘Imbalance Infinity’
9. ‘Konbini’
10. ‘Gone Again’

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