Though clashing with Interscope marred what could have been a chart-blazing commercial run, the fact remains that Azealia Banks is one of the most impactful artists to soar into popular culture within the last decade.

Should one be in search of proof they needn’t look any further than the millions her music is generating on Spotify.

Facts and figures below…

Banks, who is represented by the performing rights society BMI, receives half of all the money her breakout jam ‘212’ earns while her collaborator Jeff Martens collects the remaining half with help from AMRA.

This week, they are to learn that the smash hit single has been streamed 92 million times on Spotify and has earned (cue drum roll)… $3.6 million.


When tallied, Banks’ discography has generated over $20 million from Spotify alone, powered by streams garnered by the high earners like ‘1991′ (6 million streams), ‘Chasing Time’ (8 million streams) and ‘Ice Princess’ (9 million streams).

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