Presidential alert: “Why didn’t anybody tell me?!”

In Minneapolis on Thursday, President Donald Trump was filmed walking up the staircase to board Air Force One with a piece of toilet paper stuck on his shoe. It stayed attached as he turned slightly to wave at people, then finally became unstuck just as he entered the aircraft.

The paper remained on the floor, at the entrance to the plane, for several seconds as three members of Trump’s entourage casually stepped over it. A fourth person finally reached down and removed it.

video of the incident was released by local TV station KSTP-TV and other outlets. It immediately went viral and spurred a slew of jokes and memes.

Some people added sound effects to the video—including the theme song to Larry David‘s Curb Your Enthusiasm.

There were a few references to Naked Gun.

The main takeaway was clear.

“Trump with toilet paper on his shoe…and nobody told him!” one person tweeted.

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