R. Kelly‘s lawyer has begged the legal system to free him of the singer and his stomach churning sexual abuse allegations.

Bad news for the Pied Piper below…

Belaboured by the amount of allegations the performer is facing, the lawyer Craig Robertson filed documents begging him to be “allowed to discontinue any further legal services and/or representation of Defendants now and/or in the future for reasons to be shown at the hearing of this motion.”

Terrible timing, as Kelly is in the middle of a legal battled fuelled by claims he infected a married woman with chlamydia and ruined her husband’s livelihood by doing so!

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Robertson has now decided that he has seen enough of Kelly’s dirty laundry and now seeks to flee the fray as soon as he can!

The lawyer says Kelly won’t be harmed by him dropping him and he has time to hire another attorney, if he desires to get new representation.

Robertson now stands as the latest R staffer to cut ties with him once the world learned more about his alleged abuse of innocent children and women.

The troubled star denies some of the allegations thrown before him.

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