If we were to tell you about a magical place that is filled to the rafters with German beer, a place where more than 3,000 people will laugh and drink and share stories sat out across 220 tables, that has a dance floor and offers table service…would you believe that exists? Well of course it does, it’s Erdinger Oktoberfest. Besides the obvious excitement in the beer-tastic tastings, there are funfair rides – careful on those on a stein full – a whole German feast and a hell of a lot more.

Yep, the gigantic Bavarian bash is taking place in East London Stratford a mere Brätwurst’s throw away from the aquatic centre. With plenty of German food on offer, like Frische Laugebbrezel, Leberkase, a bit of Spanferkelbraten and of course plenty of Nurnberger Rostbratwurschen there is no chance of being hungry. One of those we made up…we’re joking. It’s mainly sausage or meat with potatoes and of course cabbage and bread. Delicious.

Entertaining you with live performances are Okoberfest bands all the way from Munich alongside Dj’s, AND of course it wouldn’t be Okoberfest without Bavarian servers would it, and there are over 40 German waitresses dressed in their dirndl ready to bring you the best of German beer. So don’t be a sauerkraut and get involved. Prost!

Tickets from £5.00 – £17.00

Thurs – Sun from 11th – 28th October 2018
8 Carpenters Road E20 2ZP


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