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Dave Grohl’s “nicest guy in rock” tour hit Kansas City, Missouri, on Friday night (October 12th), when Foo Fighters headlined the Sprint Center. At one point during the show, Grohl called up a 7-year-old boy onstage, and it turned out the kid was a Metallica fan who played a mean guitar!

The fan-filmed video below (via Alternative Nation) starts out with Grohl asking the young boy, named Collier, if he plays guitar, to which the kid responds, “Yes.” The Foo Fighters frontman then asked the youngster, “What songs do you know?” And Collier answers, “I know a lot of Metallica songs.”

Grohl then wonders aloud if he himself knows a lot of Metallica songs, but when Collier starts playing the iconic opening riff to “Enter Sandman”, Grohl throws his arms in the air as the rest of the Foos join in.

Doing his best James Hetfield impression, Grohl starts singing the first verse of “Enter Sandman” followed by the chorus, and an “Oh shit” exclamation!

Grohl cut off the band, saying that’s all we know, and then asked Collier if he knew another Metallica song, with the 7-year-old then launching into “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)”, as Grohl admitted the boy knew more Metallica than the Foos.

Later on, Grohl joked that Ed Sheeran was playing down the street that night, exclaiming, “He ain’t got nothing on Collier.”

Grohl then gifted the Kansas City kid with his guitar, saying the tour’s almost over so he might as well give him the instrument. Collier then made his way back to his mom in the stands with Dave Grohl’s guitar in hand.

“If I see that shit on eBay next week, I’m gonna find you, Collier,” said Grohl, adding another memorable chapter to the book of the “nicest guy in rock.”

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