While *some* of us might choose to make our Halloween costumes a bit, you know, sexy, for former supermodel Heidi Klum, it’s all about being as weird and terrifying as possible.

She’s been throwing an annual Halloween bash for 17 years now and, year on year, her attempts at fancy dress get more and more surprising. With a team of Oscar-winning make-up artists and prosthetics on standby to create something completely jaw-dropping.

Heidi’s already given us a sneak peek at this year’s Halloween costume and it looks epic. Taking to Instagram, we were blessed with a glimpse of her mask being made and she’s certainly pulling out all the stops. We can’t wait to see the finished, no doubt unrecognisable, look for 2019.

From Jessica Rabbit to a skinned human body, this is Heidi Klum’s Halloween costume hall of fame…

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