The Situation’s legal, well, situation has finally come to a close, as the Jersey Shore star has been sentenced to eight months in prison for tax evasion.

Mike Sorrentino’s woes started in 2014, when he and his brother Marc were first charged with multiple accounts of tax evasion. Further charges were levied last year, leading to a guilty plea for one count of tax evasion in January of this year. According to the charges, Sorrentino and his brother concealed nearly $9 million in income from the Jersey Shore and other earnings.

After serving eight months behind bars, Sorrentino will remain under a supervised release for two years.

His brother, Marc Sorrentino, fared even worse, as he’ll spend two years in prison and pay a fine of $75,000.

Despite these legal hiccups, The Situation managed to appear on both seasons of MTV’s recent Jersey Shore reboot, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Several of his fellow Jersey Shore cast members were on hand for today’s sentencing, which MTV was reportedly filming for an upcoming episode.

Sorrentino is also planning to marry his longtime girlfriend Lauren Pesce in the coming weeks. “We are praying for a positive result on that day,” said the 36-year-old in an interview prior to sentencing. “I’m not going to know until that day but I live my life one day at a time and I try to be the better version of myself. For today, I am ceasing{sp) the day and on that particular day I will hold my head high and hope to put that behind me.”

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