Donald Trump is set to meet with one of his biggest supporters at the White House this week. Kanye West is scheduled to sit down with Trump on Thursday, October 11th.

Ahead of their meeting, Kanye reportedly reached out to Hot 97 morning host Ebro to arrange a phone call with NFL quarterback Colin Kaeperinick. “I want to bring Colin Kaepernick with me to meet Donald Trump,” Kanye told Ebro, explaining that he intended to “open dialogue” between Kaepernick and Trump. (Trump has criticized Kaepernick’s decision to kneel during the National Anthem in protest of institutional racism and police brutality.) Ebro declined to assist Kanye in arranging the phone call, saying he would not let Kanye and Trump use Kaepernick as a political pawn. “What do we need to have dialogue about? Donald Trump should come out and apologize to Colin Kaepernick for coming for his job,” Ebro told Kanye.

Even without Kaepernick’s participation, Kanye and Trump will have plenty to talk about. They can discuss abolishing amending the 13th Amendment; why slavery was wasn’t a choice; their favorite Malcolm in the Middle episodes; dragon energy; and what it’s like being an ill-informed narcissist.

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