To the surprise of no one, Azealia Banks is beefing with another pop star. After her feud with Grimes indirectly cost Elon Musk billions of dollars and his chairmanship at Tesla, the outspoken rapper now finds herself waring with Lana Del Rey.

Banks took umbrage with Lana Del Rey’s recent comments about Kanye West — you know, the epic Twitter takedown in which Del Rey chided Kanye for supporting Donald Trump by saying: “I can only assume you relate to his personality on some level. Delusions of Grandeur, extreme issues with narcissism.” Yeah, that one.

In response, Banks accused Del Rey of being a “self serving” “white female liberal”, who engages in race-baiting to score an “immediate victory.”

“To me this just looks like the typical White woman taking using a weakened target to ‘pretend’ to be an ally,” Banks remarked. “Especially because you know that a white woman vs a black male will result in an immediate victory for the white woman due to societal circumstances. You wouldn’t dare challenge a black woman on her opinion because you don’t have that (much of a) social prejudice in place between women as there is between sexes.”

Banks also criticized Del Rey for continuing to work with ASAP Rocky (who himself was charged with assaulting a female fan in 2013). “You approve of ASAP rocky because his victims weren’t white. You’re exactly the kind of thought police Kanye is fighting against…,” Banks contended.

Now, Del Rey has issued a stern response. Tweeting directly at Banks, Del Rey wrote, “U know the addy. Pull up anytime. Say it to my face. But if I were you- I wouldn’t.”

“I won’t not fuck you up. Period,” Del Rey added. “U coulda been the greatest female rapper alive but u blew it. Don’t take it out on the only person who had ur back.”

When Banks hit back at Del Rey over her physical appearance, Del responded, “I’ll send you my surgeon’s number and a good psychiatrist I know in LA – your psych meds aren’t working #uneedanewcocktail.”

You can read Banks’ original tweets about Del Rey below. “You would never in your white mind try to battle ME on my ideas … I suggest you apologize to Kanye for trying to selectively make him complicit in 45’s abuse of women simple for agreeing with parts of his ideology while you frolic through society with other black male abusers,” she tweeted at another point.

Incidentally, in the same tweet storm, Banks also said Kesha was lying about being raped by producer Dr. Luke (Banks and Dr. Luke have collaborated in the past). “Dr Luke is not a rapist and I’m tired of being blamed of working with a rapist,” Banks wrote, adding, “Kesha has no evidence and a judge that said she LIED… and you all galvanize behind her. Foh!!!!!

“Because if she was truly raped that would have been her first defense. I met DR Luke… HE IS PUNY compared to Kesha. You can LITERALLY blow on him and he will be sent flying. There’s no way little Luke raped big Kesha and didn’t get trampled. Plus I know her exes.”

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