‘A Star Is Born’ in more ways than one.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper‘s hotly anticipated movie arrived in theaters worldwide today and the response has been rapturous. Especially for its accompanying soundtrack.

One song in particular has been the focus of much Oscar buzz and it’s the power ballad ‘I’ll Never Love Again.’

Mother Monster has seldom been the “ballgown belting gal,” but in a testament to her unmatched versatility she shows and proves that she can levitate to heavenly vocal heights.

Take a listen below…

Soaring, seismic, sensational!

At the early screening we attended, this earned a standing ovation and the extended soundtrack incarnation is equally deserving.

Gaga glides between a variety of tones and textures of her voice, garnishing each lyric with emotion and conviction. Her projection is off the Richter too.

Stylistically, there’s no denying that this is modelled after Whitney Houston‘s ‘I Will Always Love You’ – which was naturally a risk, but it works.

The mere thought of hearing this live gives us shivers!

A home-run.

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