Low Jack and Equiknoxx join Dominick Fernow for a voyage into fuzzy, dubwise ambient.

Originally released on cassette earlier in the year, Red Ants Genesis has now been bumped up for a deluxe vinyl reissue on Dominick Fernow’s Hospital Productions imprint.

The new version takes the original tracks – a live collaboration between Low Jack and Dominick Fernow, aka Prurient and Vatican Shadow – and splits hazy opener ‘Red Ants’ in two, adding a special remix from Jamaican dub adventurers Equiknoxx.

Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement drop Red Ants Genesis

Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement released drone tome Ambient Black Magic last year, and it was one of FACT’s favorite releases of the year, appearing in the 50 best albums of 2017 list.

Red Ants Genesis is out now on limited 2LP and can be purchased from Boomkat.


1. ‘Red Ants’ (Mics Mix)
2. ‘Red Ants’ (Mics Mix Edit Two)
3. ‘Shield Ferns Brown Pine Magic’
4. ‘Papua Land’ (Live Edit)
5. ‘These Spirits’ (Version)
6. ‘Equiknoxx Remix’

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