Tinashe‘s sophomore album ‘Joyride’ may have been certified tin foil, but that isn’t halting her hustle. Quite the contrary.

Because, she’s revealed that her third studio project is presently set for release in 2019.

Details below…

The confirmation came courtesy of the singer herself during a sit-down interview on Larry King Now.

On hand to plug her current stint on Dancing With The Stars, the 25-year-old says she had been working “pretty much everyday” on the as yet untitled set.

Reflecting on the muddy mess that was the lead-up to ‘Joyride,’ she says that album – which finally arrived this year – was marred by “expectations” and “discrepancies with [the] label.”

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We’ve long loved Tinashe’s work ethic. The good sis hustles like no other, a trait that – despite all the set-backs – serves her well.

The central issue she’s tasked with addressing veers far beyond label discrepancies or “expectations.” She has yet to successfully establish an artistic identity.

In the last few years alone, she’s served Pop Nashe, Trap Nashe, Siren Nashe, Tomboy Nashe. It’s like, will the real Tinashe please stand up!

She’s made many a mention of not wanting to be boxed, but the frank reality is that before having the luxury of being all things to all people, she has to have a core proposition that is digestable to the masses.

Drawing on big name examples, Rihanna firmly rooted herself as a Pop girl before playing with darker sounds. Similarly, Beyonce has always made Urban the core of her content – even when veering on to more mainstream terrain.

When Tinashe manages to do the same (see: establish a lane), she’ll be able to reap the fruits of her undeniable hard work.

Maybe it’ll be third time lucky?

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