Mistakes come a dime a dozen online, but a recent mix up by controversial rap sensation 6ix 9ine has social media confused AF.

The “FEFE” emcee made a questionable mistake while shouting out a recent take on his “STOOPID” dance challenge.

In an attempt to promote his “STOOPID” single with fellow Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda, he reposted a video of Blac Chyna trying her hand at the newly viral “STOOPID” dance challenge and shared it on his IG. The only problem is, he captioned the post, “Beyoncé killed this s**t.”

Due to his longstanding history of trolling online, fans couldn’t help but question if the 22-year-old was “clouting chasing” for views, or if he really had trouble distinguishing the difference between Queen Bey and Blac Chyna.

Despite the ongoing comments online, 6ix9ine has yet to update the post, or comment on the mix up.

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