While you might just be getting up to speed with yoga, meditation and green juices, you’re lightyears away from the folk in LA, who are already embracing the hottest wellness trends across the pond.

From Bünda classes to Marine Phytoplankton, here are the hottest wellness trends the people in LA are adopting – and we all will be soon, too.

Bünda classes

Angelenos are going crazy for this new workout, which focuses on lifting, toning and perfecting your butt (‘bünda’ is Portuguese slang for bum). The class is split into two halves, mixing stints on the Stairmaster (kind of old school but it definitely works – the cardio workout you get is intense while still being low impact on your joints) and the Bünda Station, which is fitted with bands and bungee cords to enhance your squats, bridges and lunges and target every muscle in your bum. The studio on West Hollywood’s trendy West 3rd Street also offers arm and abs workouts and special Glutecamps on the weekends.

Moon Juice’s Holy Yoni

Moon Juice is famous for its adaptogen blends and plant proteins, like their Brain Dust and Sex Dust herbal supplements, designed to enhance your mental and, er, bedroom stamina. But now the brand has a new product flying off the shelves – Holy Yoni, their specially blended yoni oil. And just in case you’re not fluent in Sanskrit, ‘yoni’ is the ancient Indian word for vagina. Yes, that’s right – this oil is specifically designed for your nether regions. A blend of schisandra berry extract, Bulgarian rose oil, vitamin E and sweet almond oil, it improves skin elasticity and gives everything down there a pleasant, arousing scent.

Energy healing treatments

Energy healing treatments are one of LA’s most popular trends at the moment, focusing on clearing blocked energies through techniques including meditation and Reiki. The city is full of professional witches (yes, really) and spiritual gurus who offer these kinds of sessions, but Hollywood’s A-listers go to see Jeannette von Johnsbach at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills when they need their energy cleared, signing up for her unique BioMeditation treatment. The healing, hands-on therapy lasts between 80 to 110 minutes and incorporates mediation to take you into a dream-like state, ridding you of conscious and unconscious anxiety and clearing deep energetic blockages.

Thermage and Ultherapy

Non-invasive skin tightening treatments are becoming more and more popular in Hollywood thanks to the lack of downtime afterwards – you can visit your cosmetic doctor and be back on the red carpet the same day. The two biggest ones right now are Thermage (Gwyneth Paltrow swears by it) and Ultherapy, said to be used by Jennifer Aniston. Thermage targets loose skin by using focused radio frequency to strengthen collagen.

It’s great for sagging knees and necks, it’s painless and lasts for over a year. ‘It’s the perfect annual treatment to do on thighs, stomach and face to keep up with the patient’s normal beauty and fitness regime – they can even hit the gym immediately afterwards,’ explains Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Jason Emer, who specialises in body contouring and high-definition liposuction and offers both Thermage and Ultherapy at his practice. Ultherapy delivers high intensity ultrasound to lift, tighten and tone your skin, most commonly used to deliver a no-scalpel facelift. Full results are seen between 6 to 12 months and it can last for up to two years.

Marine Phytoplankton

Native Angelenos are no strangers to a green juice, but their latest supplement obsession is taking it a step further. Now health-conscious Hollywood types are adding spoonfuls of marine phytoplankton to their morning routine. In a nutshell, it’s a type of seaweed that has served as a vital food supply for marine life for billions of years – NASA called it the ‘most important plant in the world’, providing almost all of the earth’s oxygen. As a supplement it’s a potent super-food: just two grams (around half a teaspoon) provides your recommended daily intake of EPA, an omega-3 fatty acid, as well as a host of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

“It’s my go-to supplement,” says Daniella Hunter, founder of The Real Coconut, who specialises in food dedicated to digestive health. ‘It’s a sustainable food with high nutritional value that’s gut friendly – that’s a powerful brew. And it’s actually surprisingly palatable when whisked into the right concoction – try it with lime juice, water and a touch of raw honey.’

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