I was clearing some old stuff from my parents’ house last year and came accross a stack of old isses of Hip-Hop Connection from the mid 2000s. It’s really interesting looking through them, seeing how things have changed and the trends of the time. I went through the magazine marking pages that I thought were interesting or note worthy and I scanned them in.

I posted the pages up on my website along with an article discussing the contents of the magazine. You can read the article here.

If you’re not interested in what I have to say then you can look through the pages in this Imgur album.

The article I wrote ended up way longer than I intended and took me a very long time to put together but there was so much I wanted to write about, this magazine meant a lot to me as a teenager. I hope you enjoy reading some of the articles and find my comments informative/interesting.

To those of you who were following hip-hop at the time, which of these pages makes you the most nostalgic?

To those of you who have become hip-hop fans more recently, what about this magazine surprises you the most?

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