The ever-elusive Sade has made a rare return to the spotlight in support of Steve McQueen‘s new movie ‘Widows.’ 

She’s produced an all-new track titled ‘The Big Unknown,’ which plays during the end-credits of the Viola Davis led flick.

As with most things “Sade,” this wasn’t a musical submission by the numbers. The semantics of the film – which is rooted in female agency and independence – informed the creation of the song.

That Grape Juice attended the MOBO screening of ‘Widows’ in London and were privy to a Q&A with McQueen.

During the sit-down, the award-winning director discussed deep conversations about the importance of the movie’s message with Sade, her love for the TV original, and more.

Check out the fruit of her labor below…

Some artists really do never lose their lustre, and Sade is undoubtedly is the poster-act for this.

‘The Big Unknown’ haunting hymn makes for a captivating listen.

Word is that the track (along with her contribution to ‘Wrinkle In Time’) may be precursor to an all-new album from Sade – the first since 2009’s blockbuster ‘Soldier Of Love.’

We’re more than ready, are you?!

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