In an unusual posthumous tribute to her late sugar daddy, a former escort detailed the “toxic” relationship between the two and begged the man’s spirit to stop haunting her.

Amanda Drago, 28, first met her sugar daddy “Brad” in 2012 when she was working as an escort was mistakenly sent to his home instead of the woman he requested. The error turned out to be a blessing for Brad, who grew to like Drago.

“Shortly after we met, he propositioned me to be his sugar baby. We were on and off for over five years,” she told Buzzfeed News.

Although Drago called Brad the “bane of [her] existence,” she could not resist the large sums of money he would dump into her account. However, one night the relationship allegedly turned volatile while Brad was high on whippets.

“We were sitting on the couch and having this mindless conversation — I’m totally sober — and I said, ‘Brad I think I’m going to go,’ and he said, ‘I want to have sex,’ and I said, ‘I’m not having sex with you in this state — you haven’t showered for days,’” she told Buzzfeed.

Eventually the interaction made Drago fear for her life, so she took off her heels and ran away. After a brief break apart, Drago was pulled back to Brad after he put over $30,000 in her bank account.

Then it all stopped.

“We were texting the day before [his death],” Drago said. “He was going to send me to this spa and I was waiting for the money to hit my account.”

The money never arrived and eventually Brad’s housekeeper told Drago he passed.

On the anniversary of his death, Drago decided to come clean about the relationship, which she kept a secret. In the post, she claimed Brad’s spirit came back to haunt her just days after he died.

Brad “knows I’m so afraid of ghosts,” she told Buzzfeed. One night, she said, she heard “a big stack of quarters” and “hundreds of dollars in change” being “thrown onto the night stand.” She also said she once randomly received several two-dollar bills while running errands. Apparently, using two-bills was Brad’s “thing.”

A couple of months later, she randomly received $2 bills as she was running errands — she and Brad used to tip people in $2 bills, she explained, adding that it was their “thing.”

Now, Drago just wants Brad to leave her and her boyfriend alone.

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