During one of his recent online therapy sessions, Kanye made a pointed to credit Snoop Dogg, who he described as “my elder and an inspiration to me.”

The feeling doesn’t appear to be mutual, however. In a new Instagram video, Snoop Dogg made it clear where his allegiance lies in Kanye’s ongoing feud with Drake. “Is y’all getting tired of Kanye West and these tweets? ‘Cause I am,” Snoop said as Drake’s song “From Time” played in the background. “I see why you and Donald Trump hangout. N***a, y’all tweet like a motherfucker. I think that n***a need Dr. Phil or Maury … You know what? That n***a need Jerry Springer.”

Snoop went on to advise Kanye to “get your ass off your phone and go holla at [Drake] in real life. Stop telling the whole fucking world what you’re going through. We don’t give a fuck!”

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