Yesterday (Jan. 7), while performing during the Alabama vs. Clemson National Championship Halftime Show, rapper Lil Wayne had many fans up in arms about his apparent style transformation. 

The show held in Santa Clara, California, amid 60-degree weather seemed to have gone without a hitch besides the ultimate bewilderment that came with Wayne’s appearance, which consisted of oversize bedazzled sunglasses, a large fedora, a striped shirt, fingerless gloves, a striped scarf, skintight red pants, over-the-knee black UGG boots and a colorful faux fur coat.

Here’s an up-close look at Wayne’s new $9,300 Gucci faux fur coat.

Just so you know there’s no Photoshop involved, take a peek at Weezy in action while performing with rock band Imagine Dragons.

From referring to his style as a Scooby-Doo disguise, E.T. all dressed up, and even someone’s rich Auntie, clearly fans were confused by his over-the-top ensemble and took to Twitter to question his fashion choices (or lack thereof). 

Yikes, the comments were brutal.

What do you think of the 36-year-old’s style? Do you think it is too much? Drop a line in the comments.

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