The Song Of The Week is Tokyo by White Lies.

No idea what this song is on about — probably something terribly important because as we all know White Lies take this pop business very seriously and the video, which the band seem to have been forced to record at gunpoint, is no help at all — but what a chorus! If there is still any pop justice in this world there will be a quite bad, but also quite amazing remix of this song on the DSPs in about (checks 2019 Release Strategy Rulebook) four weeks.

Additional notes:

  • Speaking of quite bad but also quite great remixes, the search for the defin­it­ive shit­maz­ing rework of Panic! At The Disco‘s High Hopes is, it seems, not yet over. For no clear reason this week sees the release of a Don Diablo remix. It’s not quite awful enough to really do the business but it is, undeni­ably, along the right lines.
  • The Weeknd has released his song again!
  • Lana‘s Hope Is A Dangeretc is very Lana, but it’s not the most Lana song that’s released this week. That’s an honour that falls to American Spirit by Washington.
  • ISA has a new song out. She’ll probably have another one in the next tax year.
  • Westlife‘s Ed Sheeran-‘penned’ Hello My Love came out yesterday. It’s better than you’d expect a Westlife song to be at this stage, but not quite as good as you’d expect an Ed Sheeran song to be, despite being a not-par­tic­u­larly-well-disguised partial rewrite of Castle On The Hill, which actually is one of Ed’s best songs. Includes a line about having “hair growing where it’s meant to”.
  • Concrete proof that Spotify Singles must be dis­con­tin­ued: Muse have covered Duran Duran.

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