Meandering organ drones meet pulsating synths and field recording loops.

Berlin-based artist Jan Jelinek has collaborated with Japanese sound artist ASUNA on a new album, Signals Bulletin.

Jelinek was drawn to the Japanese artist’s unique style of prepared organ, in which he uses strips of adhesive tape to hold down large clusters of the organ’s keys to create dense, sustained drone sounds.

“I was unsure how my loops made using modular synthesizers and live sampling fitted here”, says Jelinek, “until I realized the role I had to take in this duet: I would provide the rhythmically pulsating foundation over which his dense continuums could unfold.”

The album follows last year’s radio play Zwischen, on which Jelinek sampled interviews with public figures such as Lady Gaga, John Cage, Slavoj Žižeck and Marcel Duchamp to create 12 “sound poetry collages”.

Signals Bulletin arrives on April 5 via Jelinek’s own imprint Faitiche. Check out the album artwork, which features ASUNA’s personal collection of doodle art, and the tracklist, below.


01. ‘Relief, Pt.1’
02. ‘Pulsating Primary Structure’
03. ‘Fountain’
04. ‘How A Spiral Works’
05. ‘Blinking Of Countless Lines’

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