In every which way, Adele is a commercially anomaly.

For, in an industry that is seeing sales shrink by the second, she has an uncanny ability to sell traditional units at a feverish rate. Case in point the colossal totals achieved by ’21’ and follow-up ’25’ in 2015.

Naturally, with every “Adele” release serving as a cultural event, all attention is on when the British belter will be back. Especially after the all-encompassing success of her last campaign – which wracked up 22 million sales worldwide and a global tour that generated $170 million.

Though notoriously private, the singer herself revealed that something is a’cooking.

Details below…

Currently in New York, the 30-year-old was spotted at a drag bar and hopped on stage to take part in a sing-off competition.

When handed the mic, she acknowledged that she was “I’m (here) out in New York working.”

It’s a small nugget, but a notable one. Given that the star is often fervent about not being active during her time off.

As such, with confirmation that new-new is on the way, we can’t but wonder when she’s gearing up to serve up. Whenever it is, it’s safe to assume that it’ll be a mega moment.

Are you excited for Adele’s comeback?

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