Alphabeat, who return today with new single Shadows, will always have a special place in the pages of Popjustice.

They happened slightly by accident, about ten years ago, when a lot of the best pop felt like it still happened slightly by accident. They were a six-piece Danish band staffed almost entirely by people called Anders whose euphoric 80s-influ­enced pop ended up crossing over both com­mer­cially and inter­na­tion­ally. For a moment songs like Fascination and 10,000 Nights Of Thunder were ines­cap­able.

After the band’s third album they split. An Anders from the band tells the Official Charts website today that they “could no longer sit down and write a song for Alphabeat – it just wasn’t possible anymore.”

Seems like that’s no longer a problem. There’s a whole new album due later this year and Shadows is a rather charming way of kicking things off.

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